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What is contained in the assessment?

The assessment contains a full report completed by the panel. You will receive a report detailing the overall scoring on each criteria, specific callouts to your solution including strengths, opportunities, and areas of improvement.

Will I get to see who is on my panel?

No. The assessment panel is determined by Onfielder and is anonymized to non-personally identifiable summaries of reviewers such as companies or years of experience. This ensures that the review process remains fair and objective. The panel will usually consist of one lead reviewer and 2-3 other secondary reviewers. All reviewers are vetted by Onfielder and must have strong operating experience and participation in hiring determinations.

What if I don't like my assessment score?

If you don't like your assessment score, you can try again until you obtain a score you're happy with. You are welcome to only display the scores that you think best represent your work.

If I do another assessment, how does my score get affected?

Assessments are done per project. The score of one project will not affect the score of another. You are welcome to use your highest score only. We know that an individual's skills can increase in a very short amount of time and want to enable you to put your best foot forward in the job market.

How many assessments can I get?

You can do as many projects as you want, and receive scores for each one. However, we recommend you only do projects that will truly help your portfolio and resume. Because each project is relatively large and stringently reviewed, we recommend you only complete one project at a time.

Can I display my solution on my portfolio or other public site?

Yes. Unless specifically indicated in a project, all content can be displayed on your materials. Some projects may contain company-specific material from employers. If so, some material may need to be redacted if shown.

What do employers see when they ask for a verfication?

Employers will receive the same assessment report directly from Onfielder to verify its authenticity.

What is your refund policy?

You have 7 days from your purchase to request a full refund if you are unsatisifed for any reason. Please submit a request by contacting support@onfielder.com. If you have a submitted a completed project during your 7-day refund window, then the project will not be assessed by a review panel and no score will be given.

I am an employer. How can I request a score verification?

If you are an employer looking for a score verification, please send a request to support@onfielder.com with the project ID. We will request some employer details from you including your name, title, company, and hiring position in order to process your request. If you do not have the project ID, please provide the candidate's contact information.