Build your experience

Prove your potential and get validated by professionals.

Product ManagerUX Designer


Onfielder fellowships help you bootstrap the experience you need for the job you want.

Professional Mentorship

You will apprentice with a professional mentor who will help you advance in crucial job skills and develop a growth plan for improvement.

Build Experience

You will be working to build products across a variety of problem spaces. You'll build your skill set with increasingly complex product work.

100% Remote

Work from anywhere. You will operate in a remote office environment where you will be expected to meet deliverables, present your work for critique, and take on increasing responsibility.

Free Until Hired

We invest in high potential beginners and train our apprentices for success at no upfront cost. If you don't get a job, it's free. You don't pay until you land a job paying $50K+.

Success stories


UX Designer

In the very beginning, my design lead and mentor helped me identify my strong points as well as where I could use some work. The experience I gained from Onfielder was invaluable. Onfielder allowed me to fill the gaps in my design knowledge as well as prepared me to land a full-time design role less than a month after the end of the program.


Product Manager

Working on the assignments and having dedicated 1-on-1 sessions with my mentor really helped me in grasping core PM concepts and developing competencies in strategic thinking and leadership. Thanks to Onfielder and through perseverance, hard work, and drive, I was able to kick off my dream career in product management.

Product Manager Fellowship

Gain the experience to become a product manager. Improve the skills that matter on the job.

Problem Discovery

User understanding, market research, and opportunity analysis

Feature Definition

Prioritization, scoping, and creating value-added features

Measuring Success

Operational metrics and value creation frameworks

Roadmap & Strategy

Planning, trade-offs, and strategic positioning

Product Marketing

Product marketing, growth tactics, and performance analysis


Cross-functional team execution, product leadership, and results

UX Designer Fellowship

Gain the experience to become a UX designer. Improve the skills that matter on the job.

User Understanding

User research, problem definition, and the design process

Ideation & Discovery

Design principles, ideation, and solution discovery

Iteration & Constraints

Design iteration, handling constraints and complexity


Refinement, usability analysis, and experience success

Design Systems

Operating in design teams, design systems, and design debt


Cross-functional team execution, design leadership, and results