Accelerate your talent development

Try out expert-trained talent. Convert to full-time if you're satisfied.


How It Works

1. You pick a short-term project

You pick a project that you need done and we'll work with you to develop an engagement program that will help you assess the talent you need.

  • Project must be paid
  • Project can be completed remotely

2. We find matches for you

We'll understand your needs and find matches for you. You'll only be sent vetted and trained Onfielder fellows to work on your project.

3. We do quality review and project management

Our expert field leads perform quality review of your fellow's work during the engagement. We'll also arrange for check-ins and provide project management to ensure your project is completed to your satisfaction.

4. Convert or continue at your convenience

You can choose to convert a Onfielder fellow into a full-time hire at any time. We do not take any recruiting fees. You can also continue with short-term engagements or try additional fellows.

Talent crafted for entrepreneurial needs

Improve your talent pipeline with cost-effective and easy to manage partnerships.

Find the right talent without the hassle

Try out trained and vetted talent to find the right fit for you. No more reviewing endless resumes that aren't a match or worrying if you made the right choice.


Get all the componets of an internship program built out for you from day one. We handle project management, mentorship, sourcing, and technical quality review.

Get things you need done

Even if you don't choose to make a full-time hire, you get work completed. You'll make progress on your business while hiring.

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